inReach two-way satellite
communicators with GPS

Essential gear for boaters, pilots and backcountry enthusiasts

inReach Explorer

Combines two-way messaging, SOS and GPS, with enhanced tools for route planning and navigation. Find your way there and back with inReach Explorer.
inReach Explorer

inReach SE

Works where cell phones don’t. Send and receive messages, trigger an SOS, track and share your journey. Safe and connected with inReach SE.
inReach SE

Sneak Peek:

Garmin Announces New inReach Devices

Coming soon, inReach SE®+ and inReach Explorer®+ combine two devices into one, giving you 100% global two-way messaging plus GPS navigation. Also featuring a larger screen size, more memory, a streamlined body design and more robust navigation options, inReach SE+ and inReach Explorer+ offer the very best in two-way satellite communications.

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