inReach two-way satellite
communicators with GPS

Essential gear for boaters, pilots and backcountry enthusiasts

inReach Explorer

Combines two-way messaging, SOS and GPS, with enhanced tools for route planning and navigation. Find your way there and back with inReach Explorer.
inReach Explorer

inReach SE

Works where cell phones don’t. Send and receive messages, trigger an SOS, track and share your journey. Safe and connected with inReach SE.
inReach SE

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Grizzly attack survivors credit inReach for survival

Bear Attack Survivors Credit inReach For Rescue

Outdoorsmen Chris and Robbie were incredibly well prepared, but sometimes misfortune puts you in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Learn how they survived a terrifying grizzly attack in the backcountry and how they paid it forward. Read more

Sarah Seads selfie on a mountain trail

Wild Seads

“Dream it. Plan it. Do it.” These are the words endurance athlete Sarah Seads lives by. And she is never short on adventure. Whether running the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon in Iceland or helping to christen a new trail, the inReach Explorer is an essential piece of her adventure gear. Read more


Backcountry Safety

Have fun on your next adventure, but ditch the reckless abandon. Planning and being prepared can
make or break your next trip. These Top 9 Safety Tips for Backcountry Adventure by our seasoned outdoors experts will help you dive head first into your next adventure while staying safe. Read more

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