inReach two-way satellite
communicators with GPS

100% global coverage

Essential gear for boaters, pilots
and backcountry enthusiasts

Two-way messaging | SOS | Navigation | 100% global coverage

inReach Explorer

Combines two-way messaging, SOS and GPS, with enhanced tools for route planning and navigation. Find your way there and back with inReach Explorer.
inReach Explorer

inReach SE

Works where cell phones don’t. Send and receive messages, trigger an SOS, track and share your journey. Safe and connected with inReach SE.
inReach SE

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We’ve got your back

Unlike one-way devices, inReach allows you have a two-way conversation with our search and rescue monitoring partner in the event of an emergency. That’s the inReach difference! Discover what happens when you press the SOS button.


Who’s using inReach?

Thousands of outdoor enthusiasts just like you trust inReach devices to keep them connected in the backcountry. It’s an epic adventure – come join us!